VOLA WAX MX YELLOW -2°C>10°C/28°F>50°F 80G

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Vola has been making ski wax since 1935. The Vola MX waxes are created for all disciplines of skiing and snowboarding to provide high quality performance in different kinds of snow. Whether you are preparing for your next Nordic Skiing Race or just casually hitting the slopes for a day of snowboarding with friends, this wax is a great choice. This Yellow wax is great slush wax for those warm spring skiing days. To apply the wax to your skis you need to dry and clean your ski base. With a waxing iron you will apply the wax to your skis. Vola recommends to let it dry for at least 2 hours and then scrape the ski wax completely with a plastic scraper. From there brush the skis with a nylon brush and then finish with a horsehair brush.


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