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Bigger, bolder, better!
Everything in view, no matter where, no matter when: the uvex downhill 2100 CV model seamlessly continues the success story of the uvex downhill 2000 series. Thanks to the uvex supravision® anti-fog coating, the enlarged field of view is guaranteed mist-free while the innovative uvex colorvision® technology enhances colours and contrasts to deliver the ultimate visual experience both on and off piste.

Narrow frame, extra-wide field of view and spherical lens – the uvex downhill 2100 CV is not only a smash hit on the piste, but also adds a generous portion of style to powder and park. The stylish top-of-the-range model seamlessly continues the success story of the uvex downhill 2000 series, which has been reliably protecting winter sports enthusiasts from sun, wind and weather for more than 50 years. The uvex downhill 2100 CV model inspires with its enlarged field of view, reduced frame and improved fit, especially around the nose. The innovative uvex colorvision® colour and contrast filter enhances perception and ensures a unique visual experience. And what’s more, the injection-moulded, decentred lens assures you of a distortion-free view and remains mist-free at all times thanks to uvex supravision® technology.

Average/normal reduction of solar radiation through filter category 2 with a light transmission of 19-43%
Contrast enhancement and improved colour perception through uvex colorvision® technology
Fog-free vision without affecting the optical quality of the lens thanks to uvex supravision®
Maximum clarity and fog-free panoramic view with minimal optical distortion through spherical lens with anti-fog coating
Clear, distortion-free vision thanks to injection-moulded, decentred grade 1 lenses

precise. high contrast. safer.
Clear vision. Excellent depth perception. Popping contrast – no matter what the terrain or conditions are like. That’s thanks to the premium colour filters in our uvex colorvision® lenses. Soft, diffuse light is transformed into crisp, high-contrast light. The top-quality optics and mist-free lens technology result in greater enjoyment and safety.

decentered lens technology
Suitable for action sports which leave no room for error.
Distortions and curving in the field of view can be distracting. uvex Class 1 injected, decentered lenses ensure clear, distortion-free vision

uvex colorvision®
Riding roots or skiing in the white winter world. Dark forest paths or challenging slopes on big snow days. The uvex colorvision® technology for sports eyewear and ski goggles is the perfect choice for recreational and performance athletes. Ultimate contrast enhancement. Maximum color perception. In any weather. Wherever you go.

Break-Resistant Lenses
uvex guarantees maximum protection for the eyes at all times: with specially manufactured polycarbonate lenses, which not only fulfill the standard for ski goggles, but even the safety standard of safety goggles.

Technical features
Article number: S5503922030
Weight: 110 g
Area of application: Skiing, Snowboard, Ski touring, Cross-country skiing, Piste, Park skiing, Ski mountaineering
Norm: EN 174:2001 EN ISO 18527-1:2022
Lens color: mirror blue
Weather: cloudy, overcast
Filter category: S2
Transmission: 19%

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