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FISCHER MY CURV MSRP: $800.00 INCLUDES BINDINGS Z11 GW POWERRAIL ITEM NO. A15318 PLATE: ALLRIDE SIDECUT: 121-68-102 RADIUS: 13, @ 164CM LENGTHS: 150, 157, 164, 171 DESCRIPTION: Perfection in every turn: the My Curvs is aggressive yet smooth in the snow no matter how steep the grade. This means that you can get the most out of every turn in your own way. Featuring the fully optimized technologies Triple Radius and Free Milled Titanium. Perfection in every curve The My Curv comes with everything women skiers expect from a very agile, athletic ski. It handles perfectly in the turns with a powerful and dynamic ride. It always stays stable and makes for awesome on-piste performance. No compromises on grip and stability It is agile as well as reliable. With its top performance design, stability and grip are the top requirements. Even at full speed, or on icy surfaces, the My Curv is a consistent and reliable partner. In harmony with the snow Athletic design, stability, and smooth skiing allow comparison to a big cat: the My Curv is absolutely efficient for ideal power transfer and agile, balanced movements on the snow. These sweeping turns are second to none. ITEM #: A15318
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