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The BootGlove provides skiers with an added layer of insulating protection from frigid winter conditions.

Designed in the harsh Alaskan Arctic, the BootGlove provides a protecting layer of insulating neoprene for your ski boots to reduce wind chill and prevent loss of body heat in extreme winter conditions. Overall, the BootGlove retains an average of +20°F/7°C in your boot's toe box, conserving heat loss where it's most important...YOUR FEET!

* In an engineered test at Moose Mountain Ski Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska the following results were recorded:
The outside air temperature was -5°F below 0° at the ski lodge.
Temperature probes were placed on the shell of the ski boots.
A BootGlove was placed over one of the boots in the ski lodge.
After skiing 1,300 vertical feet, the exposed boot shell temperature was -5° F, while the boot protected by the BootGlove was +48° F.
The shell of the boot protected by the BootGlove was +53° F warmer than the other shell.
The test was repeated with identical result.

4.5 Mil N2s Neoprene Outer Shell
Adjustable Velcro Heel Strap
Side Abrasion Patches
Wind and Water Proof
Adhesive Thermal Reflective Strips Adhere to Boot Liner for Added Insulation
30 day Warranty

SMALL; US WO 3-6, US MN 3-5.5, EU 32-39, MONDO 19.0-23.0

MEDIUM; US WO 7-10.5, US MN 6-10, EU 39.5-44.5, MONDO 23.5-27.5

LARGE; US WO 9.5+, US MN 9-15, EU 41-48, MONDO 27.0-31.5

ITEM #: 02145

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