ROXA 2019 SKI BOOT R3 100

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ROXA R3 100 MSRP: $625.00 BIOFIT LAST Anatomic 99 mm last with pre-formed relief in the most common fit “issue” areas provides an outstanding fit for all day comfort. NEXT GEN CABRIO Use of advanced CAD Design technology, 3D Printed prototyping, and cutting edge ultralight polymers achieves minimal form with outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. POWER STRAP BUCKLE Powerful, light weight and infinitely adjustable. Can be easily opened and closed through ski pant legs. When opened, in conjunction with the hike mechanism, it enables over 45° of stride range. HEEL LOCK BUCKLE Independently functioning 45° degree instep buckle securely holds the heel in all phases of skiing and hiking. SKI-HIKE CUFF LOCK The ski-hike cuff lock allows for easy striding when open and uncompromising performance when locked. ITEM #: 800129
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