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K2 SPORTS PINNACLE 118 MSRP: $1000.00 Full power in powder that balances precise control and soft snow drifting. NANOLITE KONICTECHNOLOGY K2 Konic Technology with Nanolite is found in K2’s Freeride Pinnacle collection. It is a super lightweight, low-density aerospace grade composite core that runs through the center and extremities of the ski to reduce swing weight for added maneuverability and control. Why Swing Weight Matters Swing weight is the ski’s rotational mass. The greater swing weight, the more torque required to rotate the ski. Without compromising the stabilty of a wider platform in our Freeride skis, reducing the swing weight lessons the amount of energy required to turn the ski. Dimensions: 145/118/135 Rocker: Powder Rocker Sizes: 177, 184, 191 Radius: 23m @ 184 Construction: K2 Konic Technology Fir-Aspen Core Drill Spec: 3.6x9.5mm
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